Between Żurawiniec
and the Warta river

A neighborhood full of possibilities

Naramowice is a dynamically developing residential and recreational part of Poznań. Due to its quiet neighborhood and well-developed infrastructure, it is particularly popular with families with children. The area offers everything you may need every day: stores, restaurants, service points, schools, kindergartens, clinics and a post office. Within a 10-minute drive is the Morasko campus, which brings together several major departments of Poznań’s Adam Mickiewicz University. There are also sports and entertainment centers, sports fields, courts, swimming pools and even wild beaches nearby.

Proximity to green areas is one of the greatest assets of Naramowice. Future residents will be able to relax in the charming scenery of the Żurawiniec Nature Reserve. In the past, the area was mainly peat bogs, but today reeds and riparian forests with alders dominate. There are also small streams and reservoirs here. Although the site is located in the city, the wildlife here is impressive. Walking enthusiasts will also appreciate the proximity of the Warta River. It forms picturesque meanders near the estate, completely free of developments, richly vegetated, partially forested. This is an ideal place to actively spend time with your loved ones. 

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